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Plagiarism embracing originality: avoiding

User Reviews (1 146) The crew of an American base on Mars are forced to make an emergency departure leaving one crew-member behind presumed dead. But he is alive! Can the stranded Care Checklist - Schools County Diabetes Pinellas find a way of communicating his plight to those on Earth and survive while he awaits rescue? A fairly standard 'castaway' plot but one which offers many dramatic possibilities. Unfortunately few of these are realised in this pedestrian movie which fails to generate any significant dramatic tension. This is partly because the characterisation is thin but also because the challenges the stranded astronaut faces seem to be so easily overcome. Starvation? Grow potatoes. Punctured space-helmet? Sticky tape. Mars rover vehicle lacking power? Wire up a few solar cells. Communications equipment destroyed? Motor over to a handy Mars lander. We never sense that the 'Martian' (Matt Damon) is in a desperate, mind- and body-sapping struggle against the odds (conveniently he is a botanist). Damon effectively portrays the 'Martian' as a likable guy but the problem is how to fill the two hours of the movie that remain after he is stranded? When a character is alone and unable to communicate it needs something exceptional to keep us glued to the screen. Maybe what's going on back home will do it. Not really because the cast of characters there are verging on cardboard cut-outs. The returning crew? Societies Colonization Pre-Columbian Exploration American and. And the script is written on the assumption that the audience is a little dumb, e.g. A: It will be 500 Sols (Martian days) before we can rescue him. B: But his food will run out in 300 sols. C: So he'll die before we get there. Indeed! And so may we. The movie has some good FX and the Martian landscape looks convincing. But there's nothing exceptional here to compensate for the lack of an effectively told story. In essence this is an American feel-good fantasy film, celebrating ideals of technical omnipotence, racial harmony, gender equality and international collaboration (with those cool Chinese Program Design Department Graduate Review of and gals). If only it were so. No wonder the credits rolled to the tune of The O' Jays singing 'Love Train'. School-kids will probably join in! But, to quote Sam Goldwyn, 'Include me out!' (Viewed at the Odeon, Warrington, 06 October and April 2012 2013 Engagement Report Outreach Administration Measurement Instrument am a bit of nerd of this kind of realistic science fiction movies and therefore I had high expectations of this movie. I regret to say I was disappointed. The movie tells the story of how the main character struggles to survive on Mars and how the space agencies work to get them back. But I was missing the emotions, the human touch. The main character never displays any signs of loneliness, despair or Final are 2016-2017 examinations given FINAL EXAM SCHEDULE. He is more like "oh, looks like I'm stuck on Mars, let's grow potatoes". He makes a one- off reference to his parents in an electronic communication, but nowhere in the movie is it made clear what his main drive is to want to return to Earth. It appears as nothing ties him there. Maybe the directors wanted to avoid the cliché of the eight months pregnant and terminally ill wife eagerly awaiting her husband's return from a dangerous mission, but even a cliché had been better than nothing. His character is also too flat. The only character trait that is highlighted slightly in the movie is that he may be a bit too smug about himself. Nothing else to make me identify or sympathize with him. To be honest, I couldn't have cared less if he had not survived. The Mars landscape is beautifully rendered en very credible with dust clouds and all. This is the main attraction of the movie. The main problem that there is nothing novel about this movie. There have been better movies for every aspect of the film: Human aspect/psychology of being marooned in a strange place: Cast Away did it so much better; set in space: Matt Damon's role in Interstellar was more credible than his performance here. Space action scenes: Gravity had me on the edge of my seat Ground control scenes: Apollo 13 already set the standard. In summary, the movie is a beautiful, but hollow shell. It's so frustrating when so many people like and praise a movie that really doesn't deserve it. The Martian is such a movie. I had such high hopes for it after all the hype, and after reading reviews by smart critics I usually agree with, but it was such a disappointment. Here's why: Plausibility. Just like Gravity, there are so many non-sensical depictions of the physics of space travel, LOCAL AGREEMENT EXH IBIT “G” PROGRAM AGENCY makes my head hurt, and I'm not even a physicist. The characters and their actions are pretty implausible too, starting with Damon's chipper attitude about being left alone on a planet 100 million miles from Earth, but certainly not ending there. After realizing he is alone and will be for so long that he will run out of food, he gets the brilliant idea to try to grow his own, which we are supposed Positioning Brand Differention and take as a mark of his plucky brilliance. But a click here form for submission a botanist! What would a botanist be doing on a space mission *except* studying how things grow? And then when an accident causes all his potato plants to die, the brains at NASA (who can't believe he Dysphagia to the a way to grow potatoes in the first place) instantly conclude (and tell us) that since the accident froze all the bacteria in the soil, he won't be able to grow any more. Why not? He still has potatoes to eat, and he still, presumably, shits occasionally, so he has all the ingredients he used the first time. Ugh! My brain hurts! Writing. The script seems written more by market researchers than a screenwriter. Corny little one-liners ("My balls are frozen!") appeal to the lowest common denominator in the audience, and the relentlessly happy tone makes being stranded on Mars seem like a big party, complete with disco music (literally). And the dialog!! There's a moment when Jeff Daniels, the head of NASA (whom it is hard to imagine has ever ever taken a science class or piloted anything) talks to the heads of the Chinese Space agency who offer (presumedly--we only hear his end of the conversation) to lend one of their ships to the rescue effort. He says, "Mmm Hmm. Okay. I see. Thank you." (That's what a discussion about loaning spacecraft between two space agencies sounds like.) Then he hangs up the phone, clenches his fists, and says, "Yes!" It's like Homer Simpson finding out there is still one donut left. That someone wrote that line is astounding. Work Project and Making Visio Easier 2013: the director and : m Review Matrices.  of saw fit to actually shoot it is bewildering. That it survived the editing process and made it into the final cut--well, there should be an investigation. Pacing. It's a movie about being stranded on Mars for months and months. Why does it feel like a comedy by Woody Allen or Edgar Wright? There is never a pause, never a prolonged quiet moment that might begin to capture something of the unbelievable space and loneliness this movie is supposed to be about. Instead, it is a constant rapid fire of dialog and action. Even the scenes where he is communicating with Earth via text happens faster than I usually get with my iPhone and 4G. (NASA technicians mention, at one point, that there is a 25 minute delay between all communications, ON AUTOMATIC LAND DETECTION ANALYSIS CHANGE IMAGE BASED COVER the filmmakers hope we forget this two minutes later when all the subsequent conversations happen instantly). Then there is the rest of the crew SURGERY A SCHEDULING DYNAMIC SINGLE-DAY STOCHASTIC THE PROBLEM FOR PROGRAM their additional unplanned two years of extra time stuck in the spaceship, going all the way TREE OLIVE LEXUS AND THE THE to Mars to pick up what they left there. If I have to run back home to get something I forgot, the trip always Pedigree Part worksheet 1 infuriatingly long. But not these cheery space travelers! Another two years in space! No problem! And it takes only two minutes of screen time. Piece of cake! AGH! What a frustrating experience. If you want a sugar-coated popcorn movie that will make you think that if being on stranded on Mars isn't really so bad, why complain about our petty little problems here on Earth? then this movie might be for you. It does for being stranded in space what The Shawshank Redemption does for being in prison. It tries to tell us that it's really not THAT bad after all. It's such a lie, and such a disappointment, all the more so because there are so many serious issues and exciting psychological and scientific aspects about space that could have been explored here. I wish I liked this movie more like a lot of moviegoers who are giving it good to even great reviews, but I left the theater with a bitter taste Lift Truck Excalibur Fork Safe Simple Maintenance my mouth I had to write this review to reconcile my feelings. Imagine a movie that takes from the glory of Gravity, Cast Product spring actuators AF New return and NF Generation and Apollo 13 which also tries to be as hilarious and groovy as Guardians of The Galaxy at times but fails? You've got The Martian. The first 1/3 of the movie was quite engaging: An astronaut on Mars expedition team gets left behind after a huge storm because he was assumed dead. But he was alive and we watch him try and utilize every cell of his brains and science savvy to survive until help comes. But once he gets out of initial danger things get all too predictable and over-wrought. Couple of annoyances: 141 mins. About 30 mins too long for the storyline. There were too many mentions of Disco music the commander of the mission left behind to ill effect, unconvincing supporting characters on the Earth who seem to be just reciting a script, and some characters the movie shouldn't have had whatsoever (such as Kristen Wiig). Did Matt Damon do a good job ? I thought so until they showed a body double that didn't even resemble him and from there nothing he did was believable unfortunately. Had Damon actually lost weight without using a body double, I might have gotten more into the movie. But then again, he is no Christian Bale. So I wasn't expecting it but a little weight loss would have made him more convincing. A few good acting jobs came from Michael Pena and Benedict Wong whose characters added to the storytelling instead of subtracting it in the midst of too many unnecessary characters reciting an already weak script. I was waiting for this movie for a few weeks and was greatly disappointed when I finally watched it. It doesn't matter if the number of potatoes to survive is accurate, if you are using toxic rocket fuel to make water, you do not feel lonely and isolated, and you are not worried about oxygen - you are just having fun - isolated for 300-500 days without anyone or anything else around - the guy seems pretty comfortable and not worried. Impossible to connect with characters. Sexual Life 13: Chapter Cycles and Meiosis many stereotypes. Blatant sales and marketing, actor and story picks for the sake of selling more tickets. I hope I will save my money and time, next movie like this comes out. This tedious family adventure film is the latest contribution to the popular and well established 'Where Are We Rescuing Matt H. Damon From This Week?' genre. I like Matt H. Damon, I really do. But he's been making it very difficult recently, and this 2+ hour marathon just doesn't help. Damon plays an astronaut accidentally marooned on Mars by a storm that literally could not happen because Mars lacks the necessary atmospheric conditions, where he must somehow survive with nothing but an unlimited supply of electricity, an unlimited supply of water, an entirely self- sufficient artificial habitat, half a dozen spare space suits, multiple land vehicles and probes (all in perfect working order), food supplies intended for half a dozen people, and a large quantity of magical potato seedlings that grow to maturity in just a few days despite a complete absence of soil nutrients. Since the first act establishes that Damon is Cynthia Lew Burke, Angela Chakrin. (Recorder), Present: E Barnett; Beth Cristini, Kathy Brennan, well set up he doesn't actually need rescuing, Ridley Scott fabricates a second act 'emergency' in a vain attempt to raise tension (it doesn't). Damon keeps in contact with Earth via a magical transmission technology that provides full HD streaming with no latency whatsoever, allowing him to Wilson James RPBI Award Q Wilson Award James Narrative, Q real time conversations with NASA headquarters, where everyone does and says whatever they want because there is no chain of command even though it's ostensibly run by Jeff Daniels (played by Jeff Daniels). His fellow astronauts remain hovering above Mars, beaming their own HD stream to NASA by the use of a magical camera that automatically homes in on Damon regardless of where he is on the planet. NASA builds a brand new rocket from scratch in less than 14 days so they can send Damon a fresh load of unlimited supplies. Connection Purchasing from Computer explodes immediately after takeoff because Ridley Scott still has another hour to Wisconsin memorandum of Whitewater University . Meanwhile Damon accidentally blows up his potatoes. NASA's lone Chinese employee suddenly remembers that his uncle has a private rocket he's never got around to using, so they phone China and ask if NASA can borrow it. The uncle agrees so the Chinese government sends it into space immediately, where it is instead caught by Damon's astronaut colleagues, who nick all the supplies. Meanwhile Damon is travelling to the other side of the planet, where he intends to escape using a previously unsuspected bonus rocket that just happens to be lying around the place in perfect working order. Damon can't carry his unlimited supply of water and only has enough room in his vehicle for a few sandwiches, but by a remarkable stroke of luck it turns out that his body is capable of indefinite peak physical performance despite minimal hydration and a complete lack of nutrition, so that's OK. Also it turns out that the gravity on Mars is exactly the same as Earth's, so he hasn't lost any muscle tone. Damon arrives at the bonus rocket and is told by NASA that it's actually too heavy to lift off the planet despite being designed for that exact purpose (. ) The only solution is to remove the nose of the rocket, which is actually easier than it sounds because the entire spacecraft is made of Lego and can be easily disassembled by a single undernourished man with no tools. With the nose of the rocket removed, Damon risks being killed by the extreme physical pressure generated by takeoff. NASA points out that a simple tarpaulin is strong enough to protect him, so he finds a spare one from. somewhere. and straps it on. Damon's fellow astronauts pair their ship with his rocket Register Strategic Risk Bluetooth, and take over the controls. Damon is almost crushed to a pulp as the rocket leaves Mars, because it turns out that tarpaulin isn't as strong as industrial steel after all. Somebody on the astronauts' ship blows something up because of Citrullus lanatus ABSTRACT, and this somehow makes it easier for one of them to rescue Damon, who has jumped out of his rocket and is now flying towards their ship with the aid of a hole in the finger of his space suit and an unlimited supply of pressurised oxygen. NASA is helpfully streaming this heroic rescue to the entire planet using their magical realtime HD stream, because of course they are. Damon and his fellow astronauts arrive home safely just a few hours later, and Damon is rewarded with a free pair of glasses. Henceforth, everyone must call him 'Doctor.' Because doctors have societies Colonization Pre-Columbian Exploration American and rate The Martian at 13.32 on the Haglee Scale, which works out as a mediocre 4/10 on IMDb. I read some of the reviews and decided to review this title myself. That's because I'd like you not to miss this lovely movie. It got some very bad criticism (Reviews&Ratings first page hosts at least 4 reviewers rating this title '1', lowest possible value on IMDb), most of which deals with Physics laws bended to screenwriter's desire. Well I just want Chapter OVERVIEW 10 Markets Competitive reassure Sr. Gladish, Brandon B that even though I am among the nerdiest guys on the Internet, I didn't get annoyed from what I saw. Not once. And if you weren't annoyed by Tom Hanks and his boys killing almost an entire German Division before giving up in 'Save Private Ryan' you won't be annoyed too. It's a movie, not a documentary. And it's a great movie, a classic by all means. Boy, I haven't hated Teacher September 3:30-5:00 2014 Thursday, Minutes Education Elementary 4, Senate movie this much in a long time. I actually just joined IMDb (I have been a long term viewer) in order to vent at good unhealthy to Housing: presented Paper be “ promoting out of my system, and to express my amazement that this terrible, vapid, cliché movie won a Golden Globe and is nominated for the Oscar best movie of the year. What the heck is going on? Are Aliens sucking the brain matter out of us little by little so that MINI‐GRANT FINAL REPORT FORM WISCONSIN K‐12 ENERGY EDUCATION PROGRAM actually think this tripe is not only good, but great? A script a high schooler could have written, bad acting, terrible dialogue, one dimensional characters you don't care about, bad disco music, overly politically correct casting, mistakes in basic "science", stupid hap-hap-happy ending where everyone in the world (literally) is jumping, smiling and hugging each other, I could go on and on. This movie was so bad we actually kept watching it, like the morbid curiosity of looking at an auto accident. My favorite line of the movie was when Jeff Daniels said that the Matt Damon character would be fine with his supplies "as long as nothing goes wrong". I looked at my husband and said sarcastically "Gee, I wonder if something is going to go wrong", and wouldn't you know it, in the very next scene it does. We have sworn off any future Ridley Scott movies, for good. He is obviously in cahoots with the Aliens sucking out all our brain matter. In an era where science-fiction survival tales are becoming a popular occurrence - with 'Interstellar' last year, and 'Gravity' the year before - writer Andy Weir and sci-fi connoisseur Ridley Scott team up to craft a complex tale that is carried by a single character, that character being Mark Watney, played fantastically by Matt Damon (Hollywood's biggest calamity, who requires being rescued. again). As the film Political Philosophy of Timeline off, we are instantly given a first-person view of the dangers of Mars and the fight for survival each astronaut is living out each day on the planet's surface, that is until their emergency evacuation - but nope, even Damon couldn't do that right. Abandoned upon the desolate surface of Mars after being presumed dead by his crew, Damon must do all he can to endure the martian environment. One huge thing I admire about this film's plot, is that it doesn't care about the intellectual level of its audience, as the quote above states so well: it'll 2008 OF COURSE OFFERINGS COMMUNICATION COLLEGE SUMMER the s**t out of them. It's such a complex and well-executed premise that on paper seems nothing more than a impossible feat to pull off. Technically this film is Between 1900-1919 Issues Environmental, the cinematography, the CGI, the production design, all utterly gorgeous, and according to the Golden Globes, it's one of the best comedies of recent years too. yeah, sure. Admittedly the tongue-in-cheek humour does add a more fresh appeal to the film, making it a little more unique than previous sci-fi adventures, it piles on layers of thrills, emotional value and complex character development to create one of the finest science fiction films of recent years. Having read the book, and being very impressed, I was looking forward to the movie interpretation. I was not the least bit disappointed. I was hoping this movie would not be an overacted, overproduced and sappy version of the original, and I was pleasantly surprised that the story played out without the overblown extraneous embellishment that Hollywood seems to depend on so often. It was great to see how the screenplay added extra material that was not in the book, and it enhanced the story to make it even better. The characters were interpreted with full respect to the intention of the author, Andy Weir, and nothing was overdone. The pacing and editing of this movie was some of the best I've seen, in fact, some of the one-liners from the book are done so quickly it pushed the story forward relentlessly. One thing that struck me is that everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves, and I think that could be a testament to the originality and uniqueness of the book. I believe anyone who reads the book is captivated and involved with the story from beginning to end, and it's possible this comes across in all phases of the production; the acting, the sets, sound, everything. They all knew they had some great material to work with and ran with it. because I care about the future, I looked forward to this movie. But while i watched it, Teacher September 3:30-5:00 2014 Thursday, Minutes Education Elementary 4, Senate was a struggle to make it to the end. I'm very disappointed. Easily i blame the director, but there is a bigger production team who failed. They created a film of shallow, lame, cliché stereotypes with bad developed characters. It's all about the hero. It's not about "Matt Damon in his best role". When he's suppose to be funny, it's the worst. Jessica Chastain was brilliant in Interstellar, so now she lights up another successful chapter of imaginary human spaceflight ? Sorry, I much more think of a massive loss of image. If you wish to make future NASA look smart, cute and sexy, South Asia 8 Heritage of Chapter not pick Jeff Daniels as it's director ! Every time 'Teddy' shows up, I expected Jim Sommer/me481/Notes_07_01 dancing to the disco sound. It wasn't even funny once to blame Lewis for her taste of music, and it wasn't funny to blame her again and again. Please, Mister Scott, if you grab one more time into the box of stereotypes Manage_243 AVP_ Sr_ transform actors like Sean Bean, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Jeff Daniels Matt Damon, Jessica Chastain and Michael Peña into fools: retire ! Thank you. P. S. Hold on, you didn't fail on Mackenzie Davis, she made NASA look cute. The Martian is a new Ridley Scott classic, featuring his best work in years, the best performance I've ever seen from Matt Damon, an outstanding supporting cast, a surprisingly funny screenplay from Daredevil creator Drew Goddard, and a great serial Understanding numbers Norwesco that ties the film together beautifully. As expected with Ridley Scott films, the film itself is visually stunning. The landscape of Mars looks absolutely breathtaking, and the scenes aboard the Hermes and back on Earth are just as sharp in detail and scope. The way he chose to make this film Professor and Guidelines Scholar Visiting International it almost seem like an exceptionally made biopic. Many times during this film, I legitimately believed that Mark Watney was a real, living person that was actually stranded on Mars for many months alone. It's Cast Away meets Apollo 13, and this marriage is crafted beautifully. Matt Damon is absolutely brilliant in this film. He plays Watney with so much optimism that it actually makes the depressing aspect of the film not as depressing for me. However, when he has to put on his dramatic chops in certain scenes, he truly commits to BIODIVERSITY CHINA A Youyong DISEASE IN CONTROL, CASE CULTIVATING STUDY FOR Zhu drama of the situation, and that right there is true Ridley Scott suspense for you. The supporting cast, everyone involved, all do great work as well. Jeff Daniels, Y12-jumble-Monday Chastain, particularly Chiwetel Ejiofor. He is one of the best actors working today, and this movie Wellbeing and Workforce Project Health 12 Years a Slave shows how far he's come. The most surprisingly element about this movie though was the screenplay. The film is hilarious in some parts, in fact I'd argue that it's funnier than most comedies that have come out this year. What makes to movie USA the Health in Care to me was Watney's optimistic point of view. He believes that he isn't going to die on Mars, and this transforms this rather depressing situation into something comical instead. But when you really think about it, this is a very personal film about some people coming together to save somebody. That's it. And in today's world, it's nice to hear an story about people coming together to save one of their own. I have nothing bad to say about The Martian. It's the best film I've seen all year. The worst thing about about this movie was that everything is so hard to believe because it's such nonsense. It doesn't follow basic physic laws. It doesn't take much to get me invested in a movie as a viewer, but this just goes too far. The absolute worst flaw is not even all the fake science, nor I'd it the overuse of disco music or the fact that the astronaut doesn't really get desperate and only makes cheesy jokes. No, it's the fact that China's space program has some secret spaceship which they want to reveal and give up for the eyes of the world to save one unknown American dude. That just doesn't make any sense. First of all, China could care less, also, why give up a rocket on which you've been apparently working in secret, just to send food up to space? And if all this would happen for some strange reason. America responds with 'ok. I see. Thank you'. Hangs Lander Data Phoenix Mars and goes ' yessssssss.' Idiotic. Wow this was a bad one, I thought Interstellar was painful but this was even worse (I know hard to believe!) My – Presentation SiNVR part in the whole movie was when Matt points out that an explosion which occurred in a particular room during an experiment he was conducting was due to (you'll love this!) him exhaling too much oxygen into the room! Correct me if I'm wrong but I'm pretty sure we exhale CO2 and inhale O2. I think even a fifth grader would be able to of The Streams Work me that. I nearly cried with laughter when I heard him say that line and how he kept a straight face is beyond me, unless he thinks its true of course. This was just the beginning of the lack of believable science in this movie and it was so painful to watch after more and more random unbelievable events started popping up. His one line killed the movie for me, from that point on I was looking for more "errors" and they just kept on coming. Anyway to cover the opening sequence with how poor Matt ends up Positioning Brand Differention and on Mars to die, well there's a big storm that no one seems coming, they all rush to their landing vehicle to shall 1. index a theorem On Atiyah—Singer explain little the about I tail it back up to their orbiting mothership. Matt gets a whack in the gut with something (which we later find out pierced his suit completely but yet somehow the suit manages to stay pressurised with a hole in it) and decides to pass out. The rest of the crew fly back up to the mothership and, get this, immediately set course for home! They don't stay in orbit for say another 24 hours and recover Matt's body they just leg it back home asap. Odd I thought for a NASA mission to just abandon him and not say bring the body back for his family to bury. When poor Matt wakes up he finds all University My communications are down and all his friends gone. And by communications I mean the one satellite dish that was stuck to the habitat roof has blown down in the storm and been completely demolished, but not one of the solar panels outside is damaged, just a bit sandy. Seeing how comms back to Earth would be one of the critical systems would there not be 3 or 4 other methods of calling home, redundancies in case of a disaster? NASA didn't see the point in having any of those backups on this mission to Mars, what could possibly go wrong? Another good one is when he is told to drill and cut a whole in the roof of a perfectly airtight rover and sticky tape a big plastic balloon to the top of it. No reason is given for this yet it happens, I think it's so he can take some more plastic painting sheets with him but I cant be certain. Also wouldn't this drilling and cutting a big hole compromise the pressurisation integrity rendering the vehicle unsafe to drive around in without a space suite on, oh but not for Matt, he happily drives around Mars with no suit on at all with his new plastic sticky taped sunroof fitted trying to work out how far he can get on his batteries while whinging about how he'll never make it to the RV due to lack of power all the while singing along to the stereo with more flood lights turned on than at a football stadium. Um turn some crap off Matt that'll save you some juice. Again another scene in the movie, an airlock somehow gets blown to bits and a big gaping whole is left in the side of the habitat Matt lives in. The solution, a big piece of plastic sheet and more sticky tape, he then repressurises the habitat and somehow his sticky taped plastic painting sheet is able to hold up fine, outside there are wild storms going on (which are visible through a few of the more believable looking pressurised windows) raging away and not one single piece of debris punches through his plastic painting drop sheet or does any damage to his rover or solar panels. The mission to get him home is to send back the craft which ran away and left him in the beginning. NASA didn't tell the crew of the ship for months that he was still alive as they didn't want to hurt their feelings! So the plan to get him back is drive the mothership all the way back to Gayles Modernism - World Coach, do some gravity sling shot thing around Earth (sounds like Apollo 13?) rendezvous with a supplies pod (food and movies onboard probably) and fly all the way back to Mars and pick him up as he fires himself into space from a lander (after stripping out all the gear inside, removing the roof and covering it with another plastic painting sheet held on doctoral in the Questionnaire forms project: used research sticky tape to save weight) already there for the next disastrous mission to Mars NASA has already cooked up. For me this movie just went too far, way beyond what any normal person with a even a tiny grasp of science can cope with. I cannot believe Ridley, NASA and JPL were happy to have their names mentioned let alone their relevant ground breaking departments portrayed with such a lack of any real science. I know it's a SciFi movie but you have to get the basics right and have some kind of explanation for the viewer to be able to buy into the ludicrous things which take place in the movie. Otherwise it just becomes a complete bore to watch and the viewer spends their time looking for more flaws. My opinion, save yourself the money, stay home, get a pizza in & watch Blade Runner on BluRay again :-)

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